the Secret Language of Flowers this Valentine’s Day

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Whether you're bashful, head over heels in love or just want to make someone feel special this Valentine's Day – color talks. Roses continue to be one of the most popular gifts to give on Valentine's Day and their subtle shades of meaning can say everything from “I love you” to “Thanks for being such a great friend.” This Valentine's Day, Laura Milder, ProFlowers designer and floral expert, offers tips on how to make sure your flower selection matches your true feelings.

Don't muddle your colors – Color can play a key role in choosing the right flower gift to express your feelings. If you are looking to cheer up a single friend or show a little appreciation this Valentine's Day, chose paler colored roses such as yellow, pink or peach. Similar to the popular red rose that symbolizes passion and true love, the purple rose can also be given as an expression of enchantment or new love. The purity of the white rose naturally lends itself to meanings of innocence and loyalty, and is the perfect gift to send to a beloved who is far away.

One or a ton – The secret meaning of a rose can also be affected by the way in which it is presented. Offering someone a single rose versus a bouquet can speak volumes about the message that you are trying to convey. A single red rose traditionally means that you are deeply in love with someone while a mixed bouquet containing both red and white roses signifies unity. For people with marriage on their mind, two roses entwined to form one single stem is said to represent a deep commitment and hints at an engagement or intention to marry.

Getting fresh – If you put a lot of time and effort into choosing the right flower gift on Valentine's Day, you want to make sure that they last and that what you ordered is what gets delivered. The easiest solution is to choose flowers from a company such as ProFlowers, who eliminates middlemen to ensure that your bouquet is as fresh as possible and sends the message you intended. Other ways to keep your flowers at their best are to cut off about one inch of the stems and a keep them in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight and drafts.

Whether it's friendship, true love, or just a simple “thank you,” has an arrangement that is sure to help you say exactly what you mean – with flowers.

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