Giant's Causeway

The Legend

Once upon a time, Ireland had a giant called Finn MacCool. He was rather small for a giant, but he was very clever. Across the sea, in Scotland, there was another giant called Benandonner. He was an enormously tall giant, but not very clever.

Benandonner was a real showoff and boasted about being the strongest giant on earth. So Finn invited Benandonner over to Ireland for a contest and even built a causeway across the sea for the Scottish giant.

The day of the contest finally arrived. When Finn saw Benandonner approaching, however, he realised that he really didn't stand a chance against that large and fearsome giant. So Finn decided to play a trick on Benandonner.

Finn put on a nightgown and a bonnet and went to bed. When the Scottish giant arrived, Finn's wife Oonagh told him that Finn wasn't at home. Benandonner didn't believe her. "Where is the coward hiding?" he shouted and started searching the house. When he heard a noise in the bedroom, he rushed towards it and flung the door open. But Oonagh warned him, "Be quiet or you'll wake the baby."

"That's your baby?" Benandonner muttered when he saw the person in the bed. He didn't realise that the "baby" was Finn. Instead he was shocked by the size of the child - if the baby was that big, how much bigger and stronger might Finn be? Benandonner panicked. Hastily he ran back to Scotland destroying the causeway behind him.

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