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Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrians Wall is an ancient wall across England from Carlisle in the east to Newcastle in the west. The Roman Emperor Hadrian wanted to protect Roman Britain from attacks by Scottish tribes. So he told his soldiers to build a wall.

Hadrians Wall

Roman soldiers guarded the wall, which was 117 kilometres long and 4 metres high. Now there are only ruins left of Hadrians Wall. But still, Hadrians Wall is the most popular tourist attraction in northern England and a World Heritage Site.

Hadrians Wall

Grammar Exercise on the Text

Short Answers

Using a short answer in English is more polite than just saying Yes. / No. For further information, check out our grammar section: Short Answers.

Read the text again and answer the following questions with a short answer. (The first sentence is given as an example.)

  1. Is Hadrian's Wall in England?
  2. Was Hadrian a Roman Emperor?
  3. Did Scottish tribes build the wall?
  4. Was the wall 117 metres high?
  5. Has Hadrian's Wall become a tourist attraction?