Teaching Materials for Valentines Day

For better orientation, the materials are sorted by level. Some lower-level materials may also be fun for students at higher levels.

Acrobat Reader

Have fun and a romantic Valentines Day.

Level 1

Love Test

Students have to choose numbers and colours, think of their love … and see whether he/she is the right one. Its great fun and besides your students will repeat numbers, colours and learn some useful words or phrases for flirting in English.

Fortune Teller  203,91 KiB

The offline version of your love test. Students can make the fortune teller using our English instructions.

Love Poem E-Card

Writing an English love poem becomes easy with our love poem generator. Your students only have to choose the rhymes they like best and send the poem as an ecard.

Game on Personal Description

In this game, your students must find the Valentine out of 12 people by asking questions on the persons appearances. Its a fun way to practise vocabulary on personal description.

Level 2

Poem by Robert Burns

My love is like a red red rose … a short and wonderful poem, which you can also use teach your students some Scottish English.

Love Quotes

Use quotes to make you students smile or think – some quotes might even provide a good base for discussions.

Level 3

Valentines Day – with questions on reading comprehension

Find out about the origins of Valentines Day. Students can test their comprehension skills by answering the questions on the text.

Flirt and Dating Tips

These texts are a great base for dialogues and role plays. Your students can use the information in role plays to show how to flirt or how not to flirt successfully. Flirting in English - that's definitely a practice-oriented English lesson … ;o)