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Surprise your students with a fairy-tale grammar test. You can download and print the worksheets which are in PDF format. We have prepared two versions for you:

Portrait - answers are on an extra sheet (ideal to use as a test during the lesson).
Landscape - answers are on the same sheet (ideal to use as a self-study test). If you print the text on both sites of the paper, you can fold it and make a little fairy-tale booklet.

Fairy Tales - Grammar Exercises

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (Simple Past)
Goldilocks (Portrait) 141,65 KiB / Goldilocks (Landscape) 151,00 KiB
Little Red Riding Hood (Pronouns)
Red Riding Hood (Portrait) 139,49 KiB / Red Riding Hood (Landscape) 136,03 KiB
The Cat and the Mouse (If Clauses)
Cat and Mouse (Portrait) 116,14 KiB / Cat and Mouse (Landscape) 115,43 KiB
The Three Little Pigs (Adjectives, Adverbs - Form and Comparison)
Three Pigs (Portrait) 179,21 KiB / Three Pigs (Landscape) 178,37 KiB
The Gingerbread Man (All Tenses)
Gingerbread Man (Portrait) 96,25 KiB / Gingerbread Man (Landscape) 102,71 KiB