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Stonehenge is a mystical place. Its stone circles are probably more than 4,000 years old. The huge stones come from an area about 30 km north of Stonehenge. The smaller stones possibly are from the Preseli Mountains in Wales, almost 400 km away from Stonehenge.


Nobody knows for sure what the function of Stonehenge was. Maybe it was a druid temple. Maybe it was a sacrificial altar. Maybe it was some kind of observatory.


Grammar on the Text

who / which

Use who for people; for everything else use which.

Decide whether to use who or which.

  1. The people built Stonehenge lived several thousand years ago.
  2. The huge stones are more than 6 metres high weigh about 45 tons.
  3. The smaller stones weigh about 4 tons and are from an area in Wales is 400 kilometres away from Stonehenge.
  4. As Stonehenge lies in a large field, tourists come to this place can already see the stones from a distance.
  5. Everybody has visited Stonehenge says that it is very impressive.