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Exercises on Conditional Sentences Type 1

Complete the Conditional Sentences (Type I) by putting the verbs into the correct form.

  1. If you (send) this letter now, she (receive) it tomorrow.
  2. If I (do) this test, I (improve) my English.
  3. If I (find) your ring, I (give) it back to you.
  4. Peggy (go) shopping if she (have) time in the afternoon.
  5. Simon (go) to London next week if he (get) a cheap flight.
  6. If her boyfriend (phone / not) today, she (leave) him.
  7. If they (study / not) harder, they (pass / not) the exam.
  8. If it (rain) tomorrow, I (have to / not) water the plants.
  9. You (be able/ not) to sleep if you (watch) this scary film.
  10. Susan (can / move / not) into the new house if it (be / not) ready on time.