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Exercise on Conditional Sentences Type 2

Complete the Conditional Sentences (Type II) by putting the verbs into the correct form. Use conditional I with would in the main clause.

  1. If we (have) a yacht, we (sail) the seven seas.
  2. If he (have) more time, he (learn) karate.
  3. If they (tell) their father, he (be) very angry.
  4. She (spend) a year in the USA if it (be) easier to get a green card.
  5. If I (live) on a lonely island, I (run) around naked all day.
  6. We (help) you if we (know) how.
  7. My brother (buy) a sports car if he (have) the money.
  8. If I (feel) better, I (go) to the cinema with you.
  9. If you (go) by bike more often, you (be / not) so flabby.
  10. She (not / talk) to you if she (be) mad at you.