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Exercise on Infinitive and Gerund

Infinitive Constructions

After a schooltrip to London, the pupils tell their parents what they have seen and done.

Complete the sentences using infinitive constructions. Remember that the verb before the Infinitive Construction must be in Simple Past. The first sentence is given as an example.

  1. On our first day in London, our guide (tell us / what / do) in London.
  2. She (show us / where / catch) the nearest bus or underground.
  3. We also (learn / how / buy) tickets for the London underground.
  4. On our second day, we (not know / whether / go) on a sight-seeing tour.
  5. We (ask our guide / where / get) tickets for the sight-seeing tours.
  6. She (explain / where / find) the tour guides and (how much / pay) for a sight-seeing tour.
  7. On the sight-seeing tour we (find out / how / hop off and on the busses to see as much of London as possible.
  8. We soon (know / which bus / wait for) at the stop.
  9. We only (wonder / what / visit) first.