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Exercise on Pronouns

Personal Pronouns Object

Aaron was on a business trip to California. He shows you the souvenirs he got for his family.

Fill in the correct pronouns.

  1. My sister Jane loves books. This novel is for (she) .
  2. My children like Disney films. The video is for (they) .
  3. My brother Matt collects picture postcards. These postcards are for (he) .
  4. My parents like Latin music. The CD is for (they) .
  5. I like watches. This nice watch is for (I) .
  6. My wife and I love sweets. These sweets are for (we) .
  7. My nephew likes cars. The toy truck is for (he) .
  8. My neighbour wants to go to California next year. The guide book is for (she) .
  9. Here is another souvenir. I don't know what to do with (it) .
  10. You know what? - It's for (you) .