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Exercise on Relative Clauses (Contact clauses)

Relative Pronouns (who / which / whose)

Choose the correct relative pronoun (who, which, whose).

  1. This is the bank was robbed yesterday.
  2. A boy sister is in my class was in the bank at that time.
  3. The man robbed the bank had two pistols.
  4. He wore a mask made him look like Mickey Mouse.
  5. He came with a friend waited outside in the car.
  6. The woman gave him the money was young.
  7. The bag contained the money was yellow.
  8. The people were in the bank were very frightened.
  9. A man mobile was ringing did not know what to do.
  10. A woman daughter was crying tried to calm her.
  11. The car the bank robbers escaped in was orange.
  12. The robber mask was obviously too big didn't drive.
  13. The man drove the car was nervous.
  14. He didn't wait at the traffic lights were red.
  15. A police officer car was parked at the next corner stopped and arrested them.