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Exercise on Reported Speech

Exercise 3 – Requests (mixed)

Complete the sentences in reported speech. Note the change of pronouns in some sentences.

  1. She said, "Go upstairs."
    → She told me
  2. "Close the door behind you," he told me.
    → He told me
  3. "Don't be late," he advised us.
    → He advised us
  4. "Stop staring at me," she said.
    → She told him
  5. "Don't be angry with me," he said.
    → He asked her
  6. "Leave me alone," she said.
    → She told me
  7. "Don't drink and drive," she warned us.
    → She warned us
  8. "John, stop smoking," she said.
    → She told John
  9. "Don't worry about us," they said.
    → They told her
  10. "Meet me at the cinema." he said.
    → He asked me