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Exercise on Simple Past and Past Perfect

Exceptions 2

Put the verbs into the correct tense (Simple Past or Past Perfect).

  1. When my alarm clock (ring) in the morning, it (be) half past five.
  2. After I (switch) the alarm clock off, I (turn) around and (fall) asleep again.
  3. After an hour I (wake) up again.
  4. When I (look) at the alarm clock, I (get) a fright - I (oversleep) .
  5. When I (come) into the kitchen, I (brush / already) my teeth.
  6. When I (take / just) a few bites from my sandwich, I (hurry) to get dressed.
  7. I (rush) out of the house before I (finish) my breakfast.
  8. When I (reach) the bus stop, the bus (leave / already) .
  9. So I (start) to run.
  10. I (run) about 1 km before I finally (catch) a taxi.
  11. I (arrive) at the station just a few minutes before my train (depart) .