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Simple Past or Present Perfect Simple

Exercise 7

Put the verbs into the correct tense (simple past or present perfect simple).

  1. A: (you / play / already) the new computer game?
  2. B: No, not yet. I only (buy) it yesterday and I (have / not) the time yet.
  3. A: (you / go) to the cinema last night?
  4. B: Yes. I (be) there with Sue and Louis. (you / be) to the cinema recently?
  5. A: I last (go) to the cinema two weeks ago.
  6. B: So you (see / not) the new action film yet.
  7. A: No, unfortunately not. (you / enjoy) it?
  8. B: Oh, I really (love) it. But Sue (like / not) it - too much action!
  9. A: But why (you / take) her with you? She (tell) me last week that she (hate) action films.
  10. B: I think she has an eye on Louis. She (try) to flirt with him all the time. So he (can / concentrate / not) on the film.