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English Test on Conditional Sentences Type 1

Test your knowledge on Conditional Sentences. After submitting your answers, you will see how well you have done in the test.

If Clauses Type I - Form

  • In the if clause of a Conditional Sentence Type I, we use .
  • In the main clause of a Conditional Sentence Type I, we use .

Choose the correct form.

  • If we to London, we the Tower.
  • If the shop open, I a souvenir.
  • If she the bus, she here on time.
  • He me if he the answer.
  • Jane you in if I here.

Complete the Conditional Sentences Type I.

  • If you (eat) an ice-cream, I (have) a hot chocolate.
  • If she (need) a computer, her brother (give) her his computer.
  • If we (have / not) time this afternoon, we (meet) tomorrow.
  • He (talk) to her if you (want / not) to do it.
  • You (win / not) the game if you (know / not) the rules.

Before submitting the test, check the following:

  • Got the spelling right?
  • Put in the full stop or question mark where required?
  • Used the correct key to type the apostrophe (Shift and #)?

In the test we cannot give you a second try. Such careless mistakes would therefore cost you valuable points.