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Grammar / Vocabulary Mix 1

Test your knowledge on grammar and vocabulary. After submitting your answers, you will see how well you have done in the test.


Choose the correct answer.

  1. Could I to you for a minute?
  2. He here for five years now.
  3. Rome in a day.
  4. Who is the woman the picture?
  5. How sugar do you take in your tea?
  6. Before he went to England he tons of guide books.
  7. I was looking for my hat but I couldn't find it .
  8. I can't the last song they were playing.
  9. I used to early in the morning.
  10. He is a nice man.
  11. He said that he her the news the day before.
  12. Because of her behaviour she now has friends than before.
  13. I am used to .
  14. My parents had their sitting room .
  15. You should ask her .
  16. He spent five years in .
  17. This book contains lots of on Charles Dickens.
  18. out of the band, he began a solo career.
  19. If Hamlet Ophelia, she suicide.