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Exercise on Accomodations

Exercise on Eating Out

Use the following words to complete the sentences below.

bill, bottle, dessert, drinks, fish and chips, hungry, menu, non-smoker, order, restaurant, table

  1. Guest: A for two, please.
  2. Waiter: Smoker or ?
  3. Guest: Non-smoker, please.
  4. Waiter: Here you go. Would you like to see the ?
  5. Guest: Yes, please. We are very .
  6. The guests look at the menu.
  7. Waiter: Are you ready to ?
  8. Guest: We'd like , please.
  9. Waiter: Would you like any ?
  10. Guest: An orange juice, a coke and a of red wine.
  11. The guests have finished their meals.
  12. Waiter: Would you like a ?
  13. Guest: No, thank you. Could we have the , please?