Word List on Presentations

... has a great influence on today's life.
Unfortunately, ... is hardly known today.
... should not be forgotten.
... has really impressed me.
I hope that one day ...
We should not forget ...
All in all I believe that...
Summing up / Finally it can be said that ...
Let me close by quoting ... who said, »...«
That was my presentation on ...
I am now prepared to answer your questions.
Do you have any questions?
If working with a quiz or questions on the topic
Well, let's find out now how much you've learned.
Let's check how much you can remember from my presentation.
Are you ready for the quiz?
Let's do the quiz.
Okay, let's answer the questions now.
Question number one / two / three ...
Next question.
Who can tell me ...?
That's correct. / That's right.
That's not correct.
Try again.
I'll give you a hint.