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Whales and Dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar


Would you like to watch whales and dolphins in their natural environment and help to protect them? Then you should meet the Swiss foundation firmm®, which is committed to the conservation and research of whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar.

Website: www.firmm.org

Pilot whales

From April to October, you can meet the whales and dolphins in the Strait of Gibraltar. On firmm's boat trips, you will see pilot whales and dolphins – or even sperm whales, orcas or fin whales if you are lucky. Marine biologists and volunteers provide you with valuable information on the endangered animals and their habitat.

The latest, and also a very special firmm project is the dolphin resort where stranded marine mammals will be cared for and where captive dolphins from zoos and dolphin centres can spend their old age in a natural habitat. Visitors will of course be very welcome to the dolphin resort and they can even stay in a little hotel on the site.

For more information on the dolphin resort, see: www.dolphinresort.org

Every year, firmm offers a free calendar with great pictures of whales and dolphins. All of the pictures where taken on the excursions in the Strait of Gibraltar. To download the calendar 2007, follow the link to the firmm website.

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