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Origin of the Months of the Year

Days of the week

Have a look at James's last week's diary and answer the questions in complete sentences. Put the time expression at the end of the sentence.

footballshoppingmeetingring Janebuy flowersconcertsailing
 cinematennisEnglishItalian restaurant  
  1. When was his English course? →
  2. When did he go shopping? →
  3. When did he buy flowers? →
  4. When was his meeting? →
  5. When did he play football? →
  6. When did he go to the Italian restaurant? →
  7. When did he ring Jane? →
  8. When did he go to the cinema? →
  9. When did he play tennis? →
  10. When was the concert? →
  11. When did he go sailing? →