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Exercise: In the Ladies' Wear Department

Complete the dialogue. (typical dialogue with a female customer) ;o)

  • Shop assistant: Hello, can I you?
  • Customer: I for a pair of jeans.
  • Shop assistant: What do you take?
  • Customer: Twenty-nine.
  • Shop assistant: We have some very nice blue jeans here. They're this week.
  • Customer: Well, I actually black jeans.
  • Shop assistant: That's okay. We have them in black.
  • Customer: Where can I them on?
  • Shop assistant: The room is over there.

    The customer tries the jeans on.
  • Customer: They're big.
  • Shop assistant: Would you like a size?
  • Customer: Yes, .

    The customer tries the jeans on.
  • Customer: These rather well. But I think I look in them. Don't you think?
  • Shop assistant: Not at all. These jeans you very well.
  • Customer: Well, I think I a blue pair.

    The shop assistant brings a pair of blue jeans and the customer tries the jeans on.
  • Customer: They are very and I don't like blue jeans, anyway. Do you mind me another pair in black?
  • Shop assistant: No, not at all. ...