Cover Letter: Word List - Details

Refer to the requirement given in the job description and demonstrate that you meet the requirements. Emphasise on experiences that are relevant for the job.

According to your advertisement, your position requires (skills). These skills I have developed during ... (experience).
I understand the position requires (skills). I ... (details why you meet the requirements).
I recently graduated from (university) with a degree in (field).
Since 2002 / For 2 years I have been working for (company).
Following my training as a (job title), I spent (time) working for (company).
As (current job) for (company), I have developed my skills and experience as (job title)
Prior to my current position, I was working for (company), where I ... (jobs, tasks, skills).
Throughout my career I have acquired a thorough knowledge of ...
I have solid experience in ...
I have more than ... years of ... experience.
My experiences / skills / ... will provide your company with a highly productive (job title).
I have always had a strong interest in ...
I am very competent in ...
I very much enjoy both ... and ...
My experience in (field) have convinced me that (future position) is a career option I would like to explore.
My high degree of motivation has been appreciated by my previous employers.
Thanks to my high degree of motivation I was quickly promoted to positions of greater responsibility.
The enclosed CV / resume elaborates on the details of my skills and experience.