With 550,000 inhabitants, the capital of Northern Ireland is the second largest city on the island. It is an industrial town; especially important for the city are its linen and shipbuilding industries (the Titanic was built here).

Picture of the City Hall
City Hall

Belfast has a lively city-centre, a famous university, a castle and some other interesting tourist attractions, e.g. an old pub that is still lit by gas lanterns. Belfast's landmark, the City Hall, is an impressive building situated at Donegall Square.

Most parts of the town are split into Catholic and Protestant areas. The houses on both sides are painted with provocative pictures and you can see Union Jacks in the Protestant areas and the Irish Flag in Catholic ones. Even the pavement and lampposts are coloured either green-white-orange or blue-white-red, according to the citizens' political beliefs.

Picture of Albert Memorial Clock Tower
The Albert Memorial Clock Tower looks like Big Ben's little brother

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