The Canterville Ghost

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Chapter VII

Four days later, a funeral started from Canterville Castle. In a quiet corner of the churchyard, Sir Simon's skeleton was buried. When the ceremony was over, Virginia stepped forward and laid a large cross made of white and pink almond-blossoms on the coffin.

The next morning, Mr Otis talked to Sir Simon's descendant, Sir Canterville, about the jewels the ghost had given to Virginia. Their value was so great that Mr Otis had scruples about allowing his daughter to keep them. But Sir Canterville shook his hand and said, “My dear Sir, your charming little daughter saved my ancestor's soul. The jewels are hers.”

The jewels were admired by everyone when, in the spring of 1890, Virginia married the Duke of Cheshire. After their honeymoon, Virginia and her husband went down to Canterville Castle and on the day after their arrival they walked over to the churchyard. Virginia had brought some lovely roses, which she strewed upon the grave, and after they had stood by it for some time her husband took her hand.

“You have never told me what happened to you when you were locked up with the ghost.”

“Please don't ask me, I cannot tell you,” she said, “but I owe Sir Simon a great deal. He made me see what Life is, and what Death signifies, and why Love is stronger than both.”