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New Orleans

New Orleans was founded by the French. It first had a French name, Nouvelle-Orléans, in honor of the HerzogDuke of Orleans, King of France. The city lies on the river Mississippi and a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi is an unforgettable experience. New Orleans is also an important center for music, especially for jazz and rhythm and blues.

New Orleans

Grammatikübung zum Text

Conditional Clauses Type I, II, III

  • Type I expresses something that is likely.
  • Type II expresses something that is unlikely.
  • Type III expresses something that is impossible.

For further information, check out our grammar section: → Conditional Clauses Type I, II and III


Put the verbs into the most suitable form to make correct conditional sentences (type I, II or III).

  1. Do you like jazz music? Because if you (like) jazz, you (love) New Orleans.
  2. Vanessa hates boat trips. But if she (hate / not) boat trips, she (enjoy) a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi.
  3. I (do) a course in jazz dancing if I (have) more time. But unfortunately I don't have time.
  4. If the founders of the city (hate) the King of France, they (call / not) the place Nouvelle-Orléans in honor of him.