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Word List - Love Poem

Rhyme 1
With you I feel so very fine.
Babe, believe me—love's no crime.
How I wish you could be mine.
I want to be your Valentine.
Darling, our love is simply divine.
Let's go somewhere nice to dine.
Would you come over for a glass of wine?
You are my little porcupine.
I hope to see you again some time.
When I saw you for the very first time ...
Oh, how I longed to make you mine.
I fell in love 'cause you looked so fine.
Rhyme 2
I love you more than words can say.
I love you more and more each day.
I think of you each night and day.
Before I met you, my days were gray.
Baby, quick kiss me and tell me you'll stay.
If you go out with me, I'll pay.
Oh Darling, please don't go away.
Our love will never fade away.
With you by my side I can't go astray.
I'd like to kiss you, if I may.
Rhyme 3
You are the sunshine of my life.
I wish we could be husband and wife.
I have been waiting for you all my life.
In the sea of love with you I would dive.
Come over to my place after five.
Without your love I can't survive
I want children with you, but not more than five.
You make me feel so much alive.
To get to you, a thousand miles I would drive.
I want you, dead or alive.
Rhyme 4
Your eyes they are like stars so bright.
You keep me awake at night.
Let's go to the cinema / a restaurant tonight.
You are sweet and funny and always right.
You are my beacon in the dark of the night.
I'm thinking of you day and night.
Please come closer, I won't bite.
We could sit together by candle light.
Kiss me quick and hold me tight.
I want to be your Jedi Knight.
I'm Amidala and you're my Jedi Knight.
Rhyme 5
You are the cutest one of all.
If I had your number, every day I would call.
Your love hit me like a cannon ball.
I can't think of anything else at all.
I'm desperately waiting for your call
I'll surely love you until fall.
When we talk, I can tell you all.
Open your heart, you can tell me all.
Don't keep me waiting until fall.
Rhyme 6
I really have a crush on you.
I have a major crush on you.
I can't resist your charmes—it's true.
For a long time I've been watching you.
For so long I've been wanting you.
I'm head over heals in love with you.
Tell me quick, »Do you love me too?«
I'm totally crazy about you.
If you were in love with me, too ...
If you said, »I love you, too;« ...
I'd kiss you till our lips are blue.
I'd jump for joy like a kangaroo.
Rhyme 7
My heart is in your hands.
I believe in happy ends.
I am the greatest of your fans.
Tell me, »Do I have a chance?«
I know a nice place where we can dance.
Babe, please give our love a chance.
Please don't say, »Let's just be friends.«
We are more than just good friends.
You have the cards in your own hands.
Without you, my life doesn't make sense.
I love you—I've no other chance.
Rhyme 8
You're the most beautiful girl / handsome guy under the sun.
Girl / Boy, you are my number one.
Make up your mind or I'll be gone.
Of all the moments we've had, I regret none.
Come on, Baby—let's have some fun.
You are not the only one.
I love you like I've never loved anyone.
I'm under your spell—what have you done?
For me, you are the only one.
Being with you is so much fun.

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