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Love at your fingertips - Fortune Teller

Download: Fortune teller in PDF format 203,91 KiB

How to make it

  1. Cut along the outside lines.
  2. Flip the square face down.
  3. Fold down the corners so that each triangle tip touches the centre. (You should see colours along the outside and numbers on the inside.) (i)Fortune Teller
  4. Flip it so the ego4u logo faces up.
  5. Fold corners in. (You'll see the colours.) (i)Fortune Teller
  6. Fold the fortune teller in half (colours in, numbers out) making a rectangle. (i)Fortune Teller
  7. Slide thumbs and index fingers under the open flaps and push up forming a pyramid.

Fortune Teller

How to use it

Pick a number and open the teller that many times. (Count along in English)

Pick a colour and spell it out (in English), opening and closing the teller as you say each letter.

Think of the boy/girl of your dreams and spell his/her name – again opening and closing the teller.

Pick another colour, lift the flap and find out whether you should give it a go or not.