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Dover is a little town and an important ferry port. Between Dover and Calais in France, the English Channel is only 34 km wide. To cross the channel by ferry takes only about 90 minutes. From the ferry you have a wonderful view of the famous chalk cliffs – the White Cliffs of Dover.

Dover Cliffs

Near the ferry port, there is a castle from the 12th century. From the castle you can see as far as Calais if the weather is good.

Dover Castle

Grammar Exercise on the Text

Simple Present

We use the simple present for facts in the present. For further information, check out our grammar section: Simple Present.

Write the verbs in simple present.

  1. Dover (have) about 35,000 inhabitants.
  2. The town (lie) on the English Channel.
  3. The white cliffs of Dover (be) very famous.
  4. Many tourists (arrive) in Dover by ferry.
  5. Most tourists (spend/not) their holidays in Dover, however, but travel to London or other places.