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  • Mitt Romney: 'This is a defining moment for President Trump'

    Mitt Romney: 'This is a defining moment for President Trump'Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney called on Trump to apologize for his remarks on Charlottesville in which he blamed "both sides" for the brutal clashes.

  • High-Speed Police Chases Under Scrutiny in Florida

    High-Speed Police Chases Under Scrutiny in FloridaNewly released dash camera footage from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's office recorded an officer driving 104 mph after being told not to chase a suspect.

  • No Human Remains Found In Search For Natalee Holloway: Prosecutor

    No Human Remains Found In Search For Natalee Holloway: ProsecutorDave Holloway, father of missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway, said on national television this week that he found human bones in Aruba, where his daughter vanished a dozen years ago, and submitted them for DNA testing.

  • Grace Mugabe absent from S.Africa summit as assault claim lingers

    Grace Mugabe absent from S.Africa summit as assault claim lingersZimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe failed to appear Saturday at a summit in South Africa attended by her husband, an event overshadowed by her effort to obtain diplomatic immunity over assault allegations. The wife of President Robert Mugabe has not been seen since being accused of attacking a 20-year-old model with a electrical extension cord last weekend in a Johannesburg hotel where the couple's two sons were staying. The alleged assault is a political headache for South Africa and Zimbabwe, close neighbours with deep economic and historical ties.

  • Barcelona attack: Police raid home of imam linked to cell behind twin terror attacks 

    Barcelona attack: Police raid home of imam linked to cell behind twin terror attacks Moussa Oukabir confirmed shot dead in Cambrils ​Cambrils shoot out ' was like a horror movie'  Who are the victims? British boy, seven, among the missing Who are the suspects in the Spanish terror attacks? Everything we know about first attack on Spain in 13 years Catalan investigators on Saturday raided the house of an imam in the town of Ripoll they believe may have overseen the cell which killed 14 people in twin terrorist attacks in Barcelona and the seaside resort of Cambrils. Police are trying to piece together how a cell composed of multiple sets of brothers from the same sleepy Pyreenes town came to carry out the devastating attacks, amid reports they planned to blow up the Sagrada Familia.  The home of the imam, named as Abdelbaki Es Satty, was raided overnight from Friday to Saturday, with officers reportedly seeking - among other evidence - DNA samples which might link him to a building in the town of Alcanar believed to be where the attack was prepared. The mosque in Ripoll, where the imam preached Credit:  JEFF GILBERT El Pais, a leading Spanish daily, said they were investigating whether the imam, who apparently left Ripoll around a month ago, might be one of two dead bodies discovered in the Alcanar house. Sources involved in the investigation told El Confidencial they believed he was a "spiritual or idealogical leader" to the cell members, radicalising them and helping them to plan the attacks.  The sources cited the lack of previous terror links among the group, and said they had detected a number of trips by some members to France and Morocco. Police did not officially confirm or deny the reports. Cambrils suspect taunts police before being shot 00:26 A spokesperson for the Catalan force told the Telegraph they were working on the “principle hypothesis” that the cell was comprised of 12 members, 11 of whom have now been identified and hail almost exclusively from Ripoll. Five members died at the hands of police in the attack on Cambrils late on Thursday night, which killed one woman and injured several others. Moussa Oukabir, 17, Mohammed Hychami, 23 and Said Aallaa, 19, all believed to be of Moroccan origin, have been officially identified as among the attackers killed. The other two have been named by Spanish press as Omar Hychami, Mohammed’s brother, and Houssaine Aouyaaquoub, who is presumed to be a family member of Younes Aouyaaquoub, the suspected driver of the Ramblas van who remains on the run. Police raided this flat in Ripoll where the missing imam, Abdelbaki Es Satty, is believed to have lived Credit:  Francisco Seco/AP Another four have been detained, including Driss Oukabir, Moussa’s 23-year-old brother, whose identification was found in the van that attacked Barcelona’s Ramblas but who claims it was stolen by his sibling. Almost all of the men lived in close proximity in Ripoll - Oukabir and Mohammed Hychami in the same building - while Allaa lived in the nearby town of Ribes de Freser.  The head of the Ripoll mosque at which the Satty preached told reporters that he had arrived just over a year ago and left at the end of June, when he asked for three months' holiday to visit Morocco and was denied.  Inside the home of imam Abdelbaki Es Satty, in Ripoll Credit:  PAU BARRENA/ AFP The imam, said to be a father of about 45 years old, had never said or done anything to prompt concern, said the mosque chief, Ali Yassine.  "We never heard anything about him or received any (complaint) until this happened, and we don't know how this happened, this has fallen on us like a stone," he said. But, he added, no one could know what was happening "inside a person's head". The suspected cell members rarely came to the mosque, but from their little interaction had seemed like "normal boys", Mr Yassine explained, adding that he had only ever seen Younes Aouyaaquoub "three or four times". Mosque president Ali Yassine talks to the media after the attacks Credit:  JEFF GILBERT Mr Yassine said he was not aware of any lessons the iman was conducting outside the mosque, insisting that if he had learned that was happening, he would have prevented it and gone to the police.  The mosque president emphatically condemned this week's attacks, saying terrorism were the acts of "crazy people".  "Our religion does not permit us to do this ever, our religion totally condemns these terrorist actions," he said. "Our religion is peace, Islam is peace." What remains unclear is exactly what led the cell to Alcanar, a town almost 200 miles to the south, where police believe they were preparing an attack initially intended to involve explosives. Alcanar and Cambrils both sit in a coastal area south of Barcelona that has gained a reputation as a Salafist hotbed after a number of terror arrests in recent years. It was in Salou, adjacent to Cambrils, that one of the 9/11 attackers, Mohammed Atta, held a meeting with a key al-Qaeda figure. But its connection to Ripoll is unknown. Moussa Oukabir, 18, was shot dead by police Police have found two bodies in the rubble of the house after a blast in the early hours of Thursday morning, which was initially suspected to be caused by a gas leak in a drugs lab. One of the men injured in the blast, a Spanish national from the enclave of Melilla in Morocco, was later arrested as a suspected cell member.  Investigators at the site, where controlled explosions were carried out on Friday and Saturday, later discovered a stockpile of explosive material including more than 100 gas canisters. Local media reported that a crude and unstable homemade explosive known as acetone peroxide was being produced in the house. The explosives - known as the 'Mother of Satan' are favoured among jihadis and were used in the 7/7 bombings.  Barcelona terror attack Neighbours speculated that recent high temperatures in the heatwave known as Lucifer might have triggered the explosion.  That may have saved Barcelona from an even more devastating attack. Catalan police told the Telegraph they believed the group had been preparing to use the explosives, either against one target or in multiple coordinated attacks. They could not confirm or deny reports in two Spanish newspapers that the cell's "Plan A" was to blow up the Sagrada Familia, the iconic Barcelona cathedral designed by Antonio Gaudi. Residents of Ripoll - a town of just 11,000, around a tenth of whom are of North African origin - said that Moussa Oukabir and the imam disappeared around the same time. At the Cafeteria Esperanza, which the imam used to frequent, three Moroccan men playing chess told the Telegraph that he had been in Ripoll for several years before leaving a month ago. Police officers by the upturned car used to target civilians in a second terrorist attack in Cambrils early on Friday Credit: LLUIS GENE/AFP One of the men, who did not wish to be named, said that the imam used to give talks behind the cafe. "We do not know where he went, just that he had another job somewhere. My friend told me that he went elsewhere in Spain." At the home of Younes Aouyaaquoub, an elderly neighbour told The Telegraph that she would not have believed the teenager capable of such violence. "To me, he has always been a good boy, no trouble. I not understand why he would do this. I am angry," she said. Others in the neighbourhood also expressed disbelief that so many young men from the town could have been drawn into terrorism. Speaking to The Telegraph, a shop assistant at a tobacconist close to where Moussa Oubakir lived said that no one in the town had heard of anyone leaving to join Islamic State. The woman, who would only give her first name, Ximena, added: "We don't get this here. We are a small town and we would know about it."  Mapped: Barcelona van attack 5:42PM  Media reports Julian Cadman's father is at the justice and forensic centre He was reportedly taken there by authorities. Australian officials have taken the father of 7yo Julian Cadman to the major justice/forensic centre in Barcelona. @TheTodayShow@9NewsAUS— Seb Costello (@SebCostello9) August 19, 2017   4:41PM 'Viva Barcelona!': Parade, flowers and balloons as city bursts back to life Floral tributes, candles, teddy bears and balloons line the streets in Barcelona as people come to pay their respects. There were shouts of "viva Barcelona!" as the people who live there celebrated their brave city and paid their respects to the dead. Barcelona's Muslim taxi drivers are shouting "Viva Barcelona", and everyone here is joining in.— Hannah Al-Othman �� (@HannahAlOthman) August 19, 2017 Crowds leave flowers and pay their respects to the 13 victims of the Las Ramblas attack in #Barcelona— BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) August 19, 2017 One message left at a shrine of candles, flowers and cards for the dead,on Las Ramblas— Clive Myrie (@CliveMyrieBBC) August 19, 2017  One note to the terrorists reads: "You indoctrinated puppets of Daesh: "We, Catalans, are not afraid of you and will not hate anyone. "We will not change anything. "We have already defeated you. "Just surrender.  "Love, tolerance, integration, understanding, help, joy, diversity, BARCELONA!"     4:32PM Pharmacist speaks out about helping Julian Cadman's mother Pharmacist Fouad Bakkali tended to Jom Cadman, the mother of the little boy, when police moved her off the road and into his pharmacy to await the paramedics. She was so badly injured that she is now reportedly in a coma in hospital, but even as blood seeped from a deep head wound all she could think about was the fate of her son. Mr Bakkali told NewsCorp: “She was asking all the time about her little boy. She asked me ‘where is my son’. She told me he was seven years old,’ “Her second name was Cadman. “I told her,’ he is good, it will be OK’.’’ He stayed with her and soothed her until she was taken to hospital. 4:26PM VIDEO: Spain King visits victims King Felipe visits Barcelona victims 01:24   3:58PM Increased security measures to follow terror attack Harry Davies, in Barcelona, reports: The Secretary of State for Security has dispatched to police and the Civil Guard an office to increase security measures after the attacks in Catalonia and increase controls in squares, promenades and pedestrian zones. The agents will have to intensify the random controls of people and vehicles in places of maximum agglomeration, while increasing the presence of police vehicles in strategic points of those zones, like entrances, exits or intersections, according to the circular, that requests that Police checks in the Spanish-French border area intensify. The office emphasizes the need to increase the channels of collaboration with local police to incorporate the capabilities of these bodies to the measures of the Anti-Terrorism Prevention and Protection Plan. 3:11PM Spain's Princess Letizia greets injured She greeted the child in the hospital del Mar, in Barcelona, Spain Credit:  SPANISH ROYAL HOUSEHOLD Credit:  Spanish Royal Palace, Pool Photo via AP   2:49PM People pay their respects at a memorial tribute People pay their respect at a memorial tribute of flowers, messages and candles to the victims on Barcelona's historic Las Ramblas promenade on the Joan Miro mosaic Credit: AP Photo/Emilio Morenatti   2:28PM No news about Julian Cadman A tweet from the local police: There are many who ask for specific information about the Australian child. Communicative priority over victims is to family members— Mossos (@mossos) August 19, 2017   1:27PM More pictures of King Felipe and the Princess visiting injured Credit: Spanish Royal Palace, Pool Photo via AP Credit:  REUTERS Credit: Spanish Royal Palace, Pool Photo via AP       12:46PM Spain's King Felipe and Princess Letizia visit injured and staff in hospital Credit: AP Photo/Manu Fernandez The pair arrive to the Mar de Barcelona hospital to visit the victims of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona Credit: EPA/SERGIO BARRENECHEA       12:05PM Terror cell 'completely dismantled' The Spanish Interior Minister, Juan Ignacio Zoido, has just announced that the cell is "totally dismantled". ÚLTIMA HORA | Zoido: "La célula ha quedado totalmente desarticulada en Barcelona"— EL PAÍS (@el_pais) August 19, 2017 Mr Zoido did not clarify the status of the remaining fugitive suspect, but said that with the most recent detentions and identifications of those killed, "yes we can say that the cell is dismantled". 11:53AM CCTV footage shows Las Ramblas panic CCTV footage shows white van speeding past museum in Las Ramblas 00:52   11:49AM Terrorists were 'squatting in bank-owned building' James Rothwell reports Alfons Montserrat, the mayor of Alcanar told the Telegraph he believes the terrorists using a house as a bomb factory in his town were squatters.  "The house was owned by a bank and we don't know what was being done there. We think [the terrorists] were squatting there," he said.  "No one ever saw them doing anything suspicious enough to report them. And I had no advice about them from the municipal authorities." Two police officers armed with assault rifles were posted at the road leading to the house on Saturday. The road is still cordoned off.  Just a hundred yards away from the house, holidaymakers were sunbathing on the beach as life in the resort town returned to normal. Police have carried out controlled explosions to remove any dangerous materials at the scene. 11:29AM Inside the house of van suspect Younes Aouyaaquoub Harry Yorke reports Footage taken from outside of Younes Aouyaaquoub's by the Spanish broadcaster Antena3 shows a modest apartment with a two wooden sofas, curtains draped and the blinds drawn. It is thought he drove the van into pedestrians in Barcelona Credit: AFP/Getty Images Two round wooden tables sat in the middle of the apartment, whilst a bottle of orange juice, opened and almost empty, sat on top.  The walls were bare, save for one picture containing a mosque and a Koranic scripture trimmed in gold leaf. The appartment was raided yesterday by Spanish police, who sweeped the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom for evidence. Today, pictures of the apartment's front door showed it had been split at the hinges, after it had been rammed open during the raid. 11:24AM Imam reportedly connected to the attack thought dead in Alacnar explosion Hannah Strange reports El Pais has named the Ripoll imam whose role is being examined by police. There are reports that officers are seeking to match his DNA with the bodies found after the Alcanar explosion. Samples were one of the things they were searching for when they raided his address overnight, the paper says. 11:19AM  Moroccan relatives in Atlas mountains horrified by what their sons have done Residents of Melouiya, a village high in Morocco's Atlas Mountains, are in shock at the news two of their sons were implicated in terror attacks in Spain. A traditional tent set up on a rocky patch of ground near the rough stone house of the Oukabir family, originally intended for a wedding reception, has been turned into a funeral tent. "Joy has given way to sadness and pain," said Abderrahim, in his forties, an uncle of the Oukabir brothers. Driss Oukabir, 27, was arrested in the Spanish town of Ripoll on Thursday just hours after a van sped into crowds on the busy Las Ramblas avenue in central Barcelona, leaving 13 people dead. Driss Oukabir, suspect linked to the attack of Barcelona  Credit: AFP/Getty Images His brother Moussa, 17, was one of five "suspected terrorists" shot dead after knocking down pedestrians in the Catalan seaside resort of Cambrils in a second attack in the early hours of Friday. "We are in shock, completely distraught", said the father of the two young men, Said, with tears in his eyes. With an athletic build and a baseball cap on his head, he was surrounded by family members, neighbours and friends who had come to offer their condolences. "Spanish police called Moussa's mother who is in Spain to tell her that he was dead," he told AFP shortly before the official announcement by police on Friday night. The twin terror attacks left 14 people dead and some 120 wounded. "We are simple, peaceful people. We don't know anything about radicalism or terrorism," another resident told AFP. 'A nice boy' The economy of the impoverished, mostly Berber-speaking region is based mainly on farming, herding and money sent home by family members working in Europe. Said Oukabir left to try his luck on the other side of the Mediterranean in the 1990s. With his son Driss, who was 10 at the time, he headed for the province of Girona in Catalonia. Moussa Oukabir Moussa, who would have celebrated his 18th birthday in October, was born in Ripoll, a Spanish town of around 10,000 people about 100 kilometres (60 miles) north of Barcelona. The family have since lived between Spain, Melouiya and the nearby town of Aghbala. The news that the two brothers were implicated in the Spain attacks shocked relatives, who said they had no idea the two had been radicalised. "The whole region is in shock," Moussa's uncle said. "He was gentle, always smiling, he didn't smoke or drink." Said said his sons had shown no sign of radicalisation. "They lived like the young people of their age, dressed like them," their father said. "Moussa was a nice boy who didn't hurt anyone. "He was attending classes and was going to take his high school exams next year. He recently started praying... but it stopped there." He said the young man had "doubtless" been manipulated. Driss had "left school early to work honestly and earn a living", he said. "Today he is between the hands of God and the police. He is under investigation. I hope they will say he's innocent. I don't want to lose both my sons." 11:08AM The injured: numbers This tweet contains information about those injured. 50 hospitalised in #Barcelona 12 critical 24 major injuries 11 minor inj. 3 light inj. 4 in #Cambrils 1 major inj 2 minor inj 1 light inj— EmergènciesCatalunya (@emergenciescat) August 19, 2017   10:24AM Were the terrorists radicalised by a spiritual leader? Hannah Strange reports from Barcelona: El Confidencial is also reporting the hypothesis of a "spiritual or idealogical leader" who radicalised them and helped them plan the attacks over a number of months, citing sources involved in the investigation. The paper says investigators believe the cell members' lack of prior terror links  support this theory. Sources also said they had detected a number of trips by some members to France and Morocco. Among the up to 20 members of the suspected cell, there are five sets of brothers, the paper also reports. 10:21AM Hunt for 'van driver' continues Harry Yorke reports  The blinds were drawn at Younes Abouyuqoub's third floor apartment today, with no answer when his door was knocked. A neighbour, Huan, 47, said that he had seen Younes on several occasions, but that he did not live with anyone else But another woman, who refused to give her name, said that she had seen children in the apartment. She did not know if they were relatives. 9:49AM Second source claims terror cell may have planned to target historic landmark James Badcock reports: One hypothesis being considered by investigators is that the 12-strong terrorist cell planned to perpetrate three van attacks in Barcelona, mowing down as many pedestrians as possible before detonating the gas canisters inside the vehicles at emblematic locations around the city. According to the online newspaper El Español, the popular port area of the city could have been the third location, along with the Sagrada Familia basilica and La Rambla boulevard. The police have found more than 100 butane gas canisters amongst the rubble of the cell’s bomb-making safehouse in Alcanar, which they believe were to be ignited with acetone peroxide, also known as “mother of Satan” and used regularly, despite its instability, by Isil terrorists. The Sagrada Familia isto hold a special Mass on Sunday in memory of the victims of the attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils. 9:25AM Julian Cadman's family face agonising wait The family of Julian Cadman, 7, who is missing after the attack, are facing an agonising wait for news of their boy. His father, Andrew, who found out over the radio while at work that his son was missing and wife badly injured in the attack, boarded a plane and took the long journey from Sydney to Barcelona to hunt for his son. Missing Julian However, there is still no news. On Saturday morning, relative Debbie Cadman wrote on Facebook: "Morning everyone. First of all thank you to all who got involved yesterday in trying to track down my young cousin Julian. Your many good wishes were of great strength and comfort. Unfortunately we as a family have no news to bring you. Will let you all know if there's any updates. Trying to stay positive but it's far from easy. Hopefully he's being looked after by some kind people somewhere safe and sound. With heartfelt thanks" 9:16AM Reports the terrorists wanted to blow up the Sagrada Familia Hannah Strange reports from Barcelona El Confidencial cited sources in the investigation as saying the famous landmark was a target in the cell's original plans, which police believed involved explosives found in a house in Alcanar, 120 miles to the south of Barcelona.  Those plans are believed to have been called off after a blast in the house in the early hours of Thursday morning - at first suspected to be caused by a gas leak - which destroyed much of their materials. Barcelona Sagrada Familia Credit:  GlobalVision Communication / GlobalFlyCam A spokesperson for the Mossos d'Escuadra, the Catalan police force, told The Telegraph that they could not confirm the potential targets at this stage. It was clear that the group had been planning a "large scale" attack using explosives in Barcelona but police could not say whether this was on one target or multiple points, consecutively or simultaneously, they explained. The police force put out an alert on Saturday morning advising that residents of Alcanar were about to hear several controlled explosions. 8:54AM Spanish police are investigating Barcelona attackers' bomb factory From James Rothwell in Alcanar Spanish police are to carry out a series of controlled explosions at the site of the Barcelona attackers' bomb factory in the seaside resort of Alcanar on Saturday.   The house exploded on Wednesday, when the terrorists are believed to have accidentally set off on an improvised bomb.  According to local media, the jihadist cell had been producing a crude homemade explosive known as ketone peroxide which is highly unstable and must be kept at low temperatures.  Neighbours in Alcanar speculated that the intense heat may have triggered the explosion.  It was also reported that more than 105 gas cannisters were being stored in the house.  8:41AM Hunt for "van driver"  ongoing as man still on the run Harry Yorke reports from Ripoll At least six men from the small Pyrenees town of Ripoll are thought to have been involved in the Las Ramblas and Cambrils terror attacks, it emerged last night. Three of the men, all thought to be of Moroccan origin and including chief suspect Moussa Oukabir, were said to have been killed by Spanish police during the second attack in Cambrils on Thursday night.  Mohammed Hychami, 23, who lived in the same building as Moussa Oukabir, and Said Aalla, 19, who lived in nearby Ribes de Freser, Girona, were also killed in the shootout. Meanwhile, four other men from Ripoll, including Oukabir's older brother, Driss, and Aalla's brother Mohammed, who was arrested late last night, have been detained by Mossos d'Esqaudra.  Last night Spanish media reported that 11 of the 12 man terror cell had either been killed or detained.  However, Younes Abouyaaqoub, 21, who lives a ten minute's walk from the Oukabir's family home, is still on the run.  Police now believe that Abouyaaqoub drove the white van into crowds on Las Ramblas, having previously identified Moussa Oukabir as the driver.  The son of Moroccan immigrants who moved to the town in 2006, Abouyaaqoub was described by locals in the town as "shy" and "timid", compared to the other men he kept company with.  Speaking to The Telegraph, a young woman who asked to remain anonymous said that she had gone to school with Abouyaaqoub, adding: "Younes was a shy boy, I have said this to others. I did not think he could do something like this."  Another local told the Catalonian newspaper La Vanguardia that Abouyaaqoub had associated with a group of men of Moroccan descent from varying age groups, including Hychami, who he said was two years older and more "boastful".  8:29AM Terror threat to Britain is increasing, according to the Security Minister. The Press Association reports The terror threat to Britain is increasing as Islamic State (IS) loses battles and territory in Syria and Iraq, the Security Minister has said. Ben Wallace said extremist Britons and other Europeans are either unable to get out to the region to join IS, also known as Isis, or have come home and are trying to inspire homegrown fanatics to carry out attacks. The terror group has already lost its base in Iraq, Mosul, and is facing an international coalition-backed offensive in Raqqa, Syria, which was described by former prime minister David Cameron as "the head of the snake". Mr Wallace told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "I think the threat is still increasing, partly driven by the fact Isis is collapsing in Syria and people are either unable to get out there to fight for Isis and so they look to do something at home, or also because people have come back and tried to inspire people with their stories and tales of the caliphate. "I think those two things mean that the threat is to some extent increasing." Mr Wallace rejected suggestions that the Government's voluntary anti-radicalisation programme, Prevent, could be made compulsory. It comes after Simon Cole, the police lead for Prevent, said there needs to be a debate about introducing an element of compulsion for certain groups, such as returnees from Syria. Responding, Mr Wallace said Prevent is under review all the time and revealed plans to release more information about its operations to boost public understanding. But the Security Minister went on: "I'm not sure at the moment that compulsion is the right thing to do, I think the first thing to do is get everyone on board with it. "That includes people like the NUT and all these people that have campaigned against it. "There's no ifs and buts nowadays, if we're going to stop these people who use everyday items such as vehicles and kitchen knives to murder people on our streets, we are going to have to all engage together with Prevent and we are having real success when we do that." He added: "I think it's time for all of us to put a shoulder to the wheel on Prevent and move it along." 8:27AM What we know about the victims We have a full report on the victims here. Here is a short round-up of what we know about the dead. A three-year-old boy is among the dead. Local reports suggest this is the nephew of Francisco Lopez Rodriguez, 65, from Barcelona, who has also been confirmed as dead. However, this has not been confirmed. Two Germans, as yet unnamed, have been confirmed as dead. Ana Maria Suarez died in the attack in the seaside resort of Cambrils. The 61-year-old, from Zaragoza, northeast Spain, was with her husband and sister, who were both injured in the attack, according to Radio Television Espanola. Spaniard Pepita Codina, 75, died in the attack, according to the mayor of Hipolit de Voltrega, a small town near Barcelona where she was from. Xavier Vilamala posted messages of condolence on Twitter and Instagram. Elke Vanbockrijck, a Belgian woman, has been confirmed as dead.  Ian Moore Wilson, a Canadian father, has been confirmed as dead. Jared Tucker, a US citizen who was on holiday with his wife of a year, has been confirmed as dead by family. Bruno Gullotta, an Italian father-of-two, was confirmed as dead on Friday by his stricken colleagues and friends. There are reports a 74-year-old Portugese woman died in the attack. Silvina Alejandra Pereyra, a 40-year-old Argentine-Spanish dual citizen, has been confirmed as dead. Luca Russo, a 25-year-old on holiday with his fiancee has been named as dead. Francisco Lopez died in the attack while on holiday with his family, according to his niece. Julian Cadman, a 7-year-old boy who was born and raised in Kent, is still missing. His father flew out from Sydney, where they now live, to find him yesterday. 8:13AM Two Germans confirmed dead Earlier reports said there were three German victims of the attack but the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sigmar Gabriel, just said the true number is two. He said: "Just like Germany, Spain also seemed to be a safe land (...). Terrorists are trying to widen their network. (...). Sadly there is no absolute safety against terrorism. "The majority of people in the world know that such events are always possible nowadays, many such attacks have been hindered but we can't always prevent it". 7:59AM People continue to lay floral tributes There are now floral tributes along the whole length of Las Ramblas— Hannah Al-Othman �� (@HannahAlOthman) August 19, 2017   7:31AM 'Compassionate, generous' Canadian victim identified as dead Ian Moore Wilson has been identified as dead. Ian Moore Wilson was killed in the attack  His daughter, Vancouver police Staff Sgt. Fiona Wilson, issued this statement:  "My dad, Ian Moore Wilson, was a much-loved husband, father, brother, and grandfather, who lived a healthy, active life alongside his partner of 53 years, my mum, Valerie. "He was compassionate, generous, adventurous, and always game for a lively debate, a good book, exploring new places, and a proper-sized pint.  In the midst of this tragedy, my dad would want those around him to focus on the extraordinary acts of human kindness that our family has experienced over the past several days, and that is exactly what we intend to do.  "From our policing colleagues and friends at the Vancouver Police Department and the RCMP, who have been unwavering in their love and support; to Albert, who threw a family member on the back of his scooter to rush him to the hospital after tragedy struck; to the Air Canada employee who offered up a personal discount pass to make emergency flights more affordable; to the people who assisted my dad in his final moments, and those who focused on my mum’s urgent medical attention and aftercare; and to the Catalonian first responders who put their lives at risk for the safety of others. "These are the things we will choose to focus on when we endeavour to come to terms with the senseless violence and acts of hatred that have taken loved ones before their time. My dad’s passing leaves an immense void in our tight-knit family. He was desperately loved by us all and will be dearly missed." Read more on this here. 5:09AM Malcolm Turnbull urges Australians to pray for missing boy Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has asked people to pray for a young Australian boy who is missing after a vehicle attack on a popular Barcelona promenade that killed 13 people. Mr Turnbull said on Saturday that the boy's mother was badly injured and is in a hospital following Friday's attack at the Las Ramblas promenade. Mr Turnbull says the boy's family is searching for him. He did not release the boy's name. He added: "All of us as parents know the anguish his father is going through, and his whole family is going through, as they rush to seek to find him in Barcelona." 3:53AM Security stepped up at sporting events  Security is being stepped up at major sporting events in Spain. The country's main football competition, La Liga, returns this weekend following its three-month summer break. Barcelona's opening match against Real Betis will go ahead as planned at the Camp Nou stadium on Sunday. Additional police will be on duty at all major sporting venues. In addition, the Vuelta, one of cycling's three Grand Tours, enters Spain on Tuesday, with thousands of spectators expected to line the route. The stage will finish at Tarragon, which is  is only 20 kilometres (12.4 miles) along the Mediterranean coast from Cambrils. 2:13AM Former head of anti-terrorism expert says vehicular terror attacks are difficult to stop Former head of anti-terrorism expert says vehicular terror attacks are difficult to stop 01:33   11:36PM Watch how large Barcelona's Las Ramblas memorial grows over time Watch how large Barcelona's Las Ramblas memorial grows over time 00:55   10:07PM Police confirm Moussa Oukabir shot dead by police in Cambrils Spanish police on Friday released the names of three Moroccan suspects in the deadly attacks in Spain's Catalonia region, shot dead overnight by security forces in the seaside resort of Cambrils. Catalonia's regional police identified them as Moussa Oukabir, 17, Said Aallaa, 18, and Mohamed Hychami, 24. Police said they were searching for a fourth suspect, Younes Abouyaaqoub, aged 22. 9:21PM American Daniel Tucker confirmed among the dead as family pays tribute A man says his son, a California resident, is among the dead in a truck attack in Barcelona, Spain. Daniel Tucker tells The Daily News of New York that his son Jared Tucker's body was identified by his wife at the morgue on Friday. Tucker says, "It's just something we really just don't understand." The couple, celebrating their first wedding anniversary, posed for this photograph just an hour before the attack Jared Tucker and his wife, Heidi Nunes, were visiting Barcelona for their first wedding anniversary. Tucker and his father worked together installing swimming pools. The elder Tucker tells the newspaper that "everybody loved him." 7:32PM Spanish police 'looking for a rented Kangoo utility vehicle that may have crossed into France' A French security official says Spanish police are looking for a Kangoo utility vehicle rented by suspects in the Barcelona attacks that may have crossed into France, AP reports. The official said Spanish police alerted French authorities to the vehicle, rented on Thursday in Spain. The official said French police nationwide are on the lookout for the car, and were given information from Spain about four suspects believed to be on the run. A Renault Kangoo The official was not authorised to be publicly named speaking of an ongoing manhunt. After two deadly vehicle attacks in Barcelona and a nearby resort, France's interior minister said his country reinforced police surveillance on Friday of what is normally an open border between Spain and France. French officials said on Friday evening that no one has been detained so far in the Spanish investigation.

  • Man Caught Smuggling 13 Pounds of Meth Into US Via Drone

    Man Caught Smuggling 13 Pounds of Meth Into US Via DroneDrones generally haven't appealed to smugglers because their noise attracts attention.

  • Charlottesville exposes new threat for college campuses

    Charlottesville exposes new threat for college campusesBOSTON (AP) — On college campuses, white supremacists and other far-right extremist groups see fertile ground to spread their messages and recruit followers. But for many colleges, last weekend's deadly attack at a rally near the University of Virginia exposed a new threat.

  • Staff Change on Mueller Team Raises Questions

    Staff Change on Mueller Team Raises QuestionsRachel Maddow pursues reporting on the departure of former FBI counter-espionage chief Peter Strzok from Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Trump Russia investigation team, questioning the reason and what it might mean for Mueller's effort.

  • USS Fitzgerald's Leadership Removed Over Poor Seamanship

    USS Fitzgerald's Leadership Removed Over Poor SeamanshipThis is not the first time U.S. Navy took a strict action against the leadership for acting inappropriately in a particular situation.

  • A Trump pardon of Joe Arpaio would break Justice Department guidelines

    A Trump pardon of Joe Arpaio would break Justice Department guidelinesBut the pardon, if Trump decides to issue it, would be highly unorthodox and break with the Justice Department’s guidelines for clemency, according to legal experts.

  • Huge Confederate flag near Interstate is one man's mission

    Huge Confederate flag near Interstate is one man's missionTAMPA, Fla. (AP) — Marion Lambert is unapologetic about the abundance of Confederate flags that surround him.

  • Neighbor, 24, Arrested After 3 Young Girls Found Murdered in Home

    Neighbor, 24, Arrested After 3 Young Girls Found Murdered in HomeHe turned 25 the day after the alleged murders.

  • Mexico City fishermen fight to save Aztec floating gardens

    Mexico City fishermen fight to save Aztec floating gardensRoberto Altamirano has the lake to himself as he casts his glistening net onto the still water in a perfect circle, lets it sink, then slowly pulls it in. It comes back bearing a large haul of tilapia and carp -- and that is exactly the problem. Altamirano is one of just 20 or so fishermen who remain in the floating gardens of Xochimilco, an idyllic network of lakes, canals and artificial islands improbably tucked into the urban sprawl of Mexico City.

  • Spanish police believe they may have body of missing boy Julian Cadman

    Spanish police believe they may have body of missing boy Julian CadmanHopes were fading for seven-year-old British boy Julian Cadman on Saturday as Spanish authorities revealed they were no longer searching for any missing youngsters. His father Andrew made the long flight from Australia and landed on Saturday afternoon to comfort his seriously injured wife, Jumarie, who had been in the area to attend a family wedding when she and her son were struck by the terrorist's van which killed 13 people and left more than 100 injured. Despite a major appeal by his loved ones, the former Kent schoolboy, who loved to dance and fill his pockets with Lego, has not been found. It is understood that Spanish authorities have a body that they believe is his, but are waiting for formal identification to take place.  Another child was also taken in the tragedy, a three-year-old boy from Spain, died next to his mother. They had been on a family day out with relatives. The last smiling photo of honeymooners Jared Tucker and his wife Heidi Nunes was taken just an hour before the atrocity. The last smiling photo of honeymooners Jared Tucker and his wife Heidi Nunes was taken just an hour before the atrocity. The pair, who were celebrating their first wedding anniversary with a belated honeymoon, became separated in the attack and as his wife hid in a souvenir shop Mr Tucker, 42, hit by the van and died. Tales of heroism emerged of a brave stranger running into the carnage to try and save the lives of a Canadian family, picking up an injured man and placing him on the back of his scooter to rush him to hospital. The man's relative, grandfather Ian Moore Wilson, died at the scene as others battled to save his wife Valerie. Grandfather Ian Moore Wilson who died at the scene of the Barcelona attack. Italian father Bruno Gulotta, 35, died while trying to protect his child. He was on holiday with his wife Martina and two children when he was crushed to death as he walked hand in hand with his five-year-old son and died as he knelt down to shield the little boy. Belgian bank worker Elke Vanbockrijck, described as "super woman", lost her life as she walked with her husband and two sons, aged 11 and 14. Mum Elke Vanbockrijck was with her children when she died. Credit: AP Others killed include three Germans, Spaniard Pepita Codina, 75, Silvina Alejandra Pereyra, 40, an Argentine-Spanish dual citizen and Francisco Lopez, 65. In the second attack in Cambrils, Ana Maria Suarez, 61, died as terrorists attacked her family with knives. Her husband and sister were also injured in the attack. Those affected came from 34 countries, including China, Colombia, France, Germany, Honduras, Morocco, a testament to the global allure of the Spanish city.

  • Lebanese army, Hezbollah announce offensives against Islamic State on Syrian border

    Lebanese army, Hezbollah announce offensives against Islamic State on Syrian borderBy Tom Perry and Angus McDowall BEIRUT (Reuters) - The Lebanese army launched an offensive on Saturday against an Islamic State enclave on the northeastern border with Syria, as the Lebanese Shi'ite group Hezbollah announced an assault on the militants from the Syrian side of the frontier. The Lebanese army operation got underway at 5 a.m. (0200 GMT), targeting Islamic State positions near the town of Ras Baalbek with rockets, artillery and helicopters, a Lebanese security source said.

  • Boy, 7, From Australia Is Missing After Barcelona Van Attack

    Boy, 7, From Australia Is Missing After Barcelona Van AttackJulian Alessandro Cadman is missing after he was separated from his mom, who was seriously injured in Thursday's terrorist attack.

  • NASA Wants to Stop a Doomsday Supervolcano by Stealing its Heat

    NASA Wants to Stop a Doomsday Supervolcano by Stealing its HeatNASA is worried about the Yellowstone supervolcano exploding, so instead they're going to harness its energy for good.

  • Several people stabbed in Finnish city of Turku

    Several people stabbed in Finnish city of TurkuSeveral people were stabbed in an knife attack in the Finnish city of Turku on Friday but it was not immediately clear if this was a militant action or had some other motive. The Turun Sanomat newspaper reported that at least one person was killed in the attack. Newspaper Helsingin Sanomat said eight people had been taken to hospital following the stabbings, some of them are in critical condition.

  • Violence erupts between white nationalists, counterprotestors in Charlottesville: Part 5

    Violence erupts between white nationalists, counterprotestors in Charlottesville: Part 5White nationalists had gathered in the Virginia city to protest the removal of a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

  • ‘Alt-right’ figure who set up Assange meeting refuses to cooperate with Senate intel probe

    ‘Alt-right’ figure who set up Assange meeting refuses to cooperate with Senate intel probe“I’m absolutely not” going to cooperate with the committee, the far-right provocateur Charles C. Johnson said in an interview, after returning from London.

  • Major Nonprofits Cancel Mar-a-Lago Fundraisers After Charlottesville

    Major Nonprofits Cancel Mar-a-Lago Fundraisers After CharlottesvilleA sizable ― and growing ― number of nonprofits are walking away from hosting fundraisers at Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump’s posh resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

  • California mass killer spared death sentence

    California mass killer spared death sentenceSANTA ANA, Calif. (AP) — A Southern California mass killer will be spared the death penalty amid a long-running scandal over local authorities' use of jailhouse informants, a judge decided Friday.

  • State funeral for Pakistan's 'Mother Teresa'

    State funeral for Pakistan's 'Mother Teresa'Ruth Pfau, a German nun who devoted her life to combatting leprosy in Pakistan, was buried with full state honours on Saturday, in an unprecedented service for a foreign Christian in the Muslim-majority country. Pfau, who died at the age of 87 on August 10 was known locally as Pakistan's Mother Teresa. Pakistan President Mamnoon Hussain attended the state funeral service at St Patrick's Cathedral in the city, where hundreds of people gathered to pay their respects.

  • Assad advisor says Syria war nearing its end

    Assad advisor says Syria war nearing its endAn advisor to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said the six-year war is nearly over as foreign states cut backing for rebels, and vowed the government would confront any "illegitimate" forces, whether Turkish or American. Bouthaina Shaaban said the fact that Syria was staging the Damascus International Fair for the first time in the war "sends a message that the war has ended ... and we are at the start of the path towards reconstruction." With the help of Russian air power and Iran-backed militias, Damascus has shored up its rule over much of the country's populated west. The war, which has killed hundreds of thousands of people, has reached its "penultimate stage" as foreign powers that backed rebels change their policies, Shaaban said in comments to Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV carried on Syrian state news agency SANA on Thursday.

  • US Nazi supporters move to Russian social media after Facebook ban

    US Nazi supporters move to Russian social media after Facebook banFollowing violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend, Facebook began taking down all positive mentions of an article by the Daily Stormer, a neo-Nazi website, attacking the woman who was killed protesting the rally. But while the site has been banned from Facebook, far-right users continued to post on a Daily Stormer group on VK, Russia's most popular social network. “Cloudflare just dropped us,” the Daily Stormer VK group posted on Wednesday, referring to the Internet security company that protects sites from cyber attacks. “We'll have to build an alternative.” White nationalists and far-right activists from Western countries have increasingly been moving to VK, also known as VKontakte, where they don't face the same censorship as on social media like Facebook. Charlottesville far-right protest Of the 97 major neo-Nazi, white nationalist and racist skinhead organisations on the Southern Poverty Law Centre's list of US hate groups, The Telegraph found VK groups matching at least nine of them, with members that appeared to be American. There were also more than 50 VK groups named after the Ku Klux Klan, although many of them appear to be run by Russian fans. According to the news site Meduza, more than 100 nationalist groups on VK have members from the United States, Germany, Sweden and other Western countries. Membership on the most popular of these groups numbers in the thousands. A far-right user who identified himself as Henry from Houston told Meduza that moving from Facebook to VK was becoming a “trend” among nationalists trying to avoid censorship. He's started two VK groups already with a total membership of 550. “You can't even write a post about Adolph Hitler” on Facebook, he complained. In contrast, on the Daily Stormer page and other VK groups, users have continued merrily posting racist slurs and threats. Dropped by its US domain registrar, the Daily Stormer also tried to relaunch its website under a Russian domain name, but this too was soon suspended. Asked about VK's apparent lack of censorship, a spokesman said the social network is “against calls for atrocities and violence” and deletes materials that include them. Russian authorities have been increasingly fining and even imprisoning social media users under a vague law against extremism, but many of these people have been convicted for criticising Russia's intervention in Ukraine. Law enforcement here most likely wouldn't be able to bring Americans to court on similar charges, however.

  • One Day, Many Years From Now, Total Solar Eclipses Will No Longer Be Possible

    One Day, Many Years From Now, Total Solar Eclipses Will No Longer Be PossibleThe moon is slowly moving away from the Earth, and one distant day, it will be too small to block the sun entirely.

  • Girl, 11, makes incredible recovery after friend poured boiling water over her during sleepover

    Girl, 11, makes incredible recovery after friend poured boiling water over her during sleepoverAn 11-year-old girl has made an incredible recovery after a friend poured boiling water over her face at a sleepover. Jamoneisha “Jamoni” Merritt was rushed to hospital with horrific burns after Aniya Grant Stuart, 12, splashed scalding water onto her while she slept at a house in the Bronx, New York, on 7 August. Aniya was charged with felony assault after the incident, which was said to be a "prank" gone horribly wrong.

  • 2-Week-Old Orphaned Piglet Comforts Kitten Friend as She Suffers Seizure

    2-Week-Old Orphaned Piglet Comforts Kitten Friend as She Suffers SeizureSriracha the kitten was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called cerebellar hypoplasia and suffers from seizures.

  • Chicago activist loses US citizenship, will be deported

    Chicago activist loses US citizenship, will be deportedAn activist known for helping Arab women in the Chicago area lost her U.S. citizenship Thursday and will be deported for failing to disclose convictions for bombings in Jerusalem decades ago.

  • Five suspected terrorists shot dead by police in Cambrils, Spain

    Five suspected terrorists shot dead by police in Cambrils, SpainSpanish police shot dead five would-be attackers after confronting them early on Friday in Cambrils, south of Barcelona where hours earlier a suspected Islamist militant drove a van into crowds, killing 13 people.

  • The 'body politic' rejects Donald Trump

    The 'body politic' rejects Donald TrumpThe body politic, like the human body, can protect itself by rejecting what it perceives as alien or harmful. And that is what is happening to Trump.

  • Children in conflict zones vulnerable to killing, rape: UN draft

    Children in conflict zones vulnerable to killing, rape: UN draftChildren are particularly vulnerable in the conflicts raging around the globe, according to a draft UN report that specifically pointed the finger of blame in Yemen at the Saudi-led coalition. The draft of an annual UN report on the impact of armed conflict on children lists the countries and entities accused of recruiting child soldiers and using children as weapons of war. "I am highly concerned by the scale and severity of the grave violations that were committed against children in 2016, which included alarming levels of killing and maiming, recruitment and use and denial of humanitarian access," Secretary General Antonio Guterres says in the draft seen by AFP.

  • Roadblocks, weapons bans as Boston braces for 'Free Speech' rally

    Roadblocks, weapons bans as Boston braces for 'Free Speech' rallyBy Scott Malone BOSTON (Reuters) - Boston officials are planning road blockades and even banning food vendors from the historic Boston Common as they step up security around a "Free Speech" rally on Saturday featuring right-wing speakers, aiming to avoid a repeat of last weekend's violence at a white supremacist rally in Virginia. Saturday's rally has drawn intense concern from city and state officials following the violence in Charlottesville, when white supremacists at a "Unite the Right" rally fought in the streets with anti-racism protesters.

  • Once homeless, Iraq War veteran moves into unique new home

    Once homeless, Iraq War veteran moves into unique new homeMIDWAY CITY, Calif. (AP) — Vernon Poling was 44 years old when he finally got a home of his own.

  • Serena Williams' Fiancé Is A Little Shocked By Her Pregnancy Cravings

    Serena Williams' Fiancé Is A Little Shocked By Her Pregnancy CravingsHe knew there would be cravings, but not quite like this.

  • Flying dogs caught in action

    Flying dogs caught in actionThese excited pooches are flying without wings in this series of hilarious images. Taken in July by photographer Peter Mueller, Each photo shows the canines’ exuberant facial expressions, as they appear to be leaping through the air.

  • Tribes hope for renewal in solar eclipse; not all will watch

    Tribes hope for renewal in solar eclipse; not all will watchFLAGSTAFF, Ariz. (AP) — While much of the country gawks at the solar eclipse, Bobbieann Baldwin will be inside with her children, shades drawn.

  • Oxford University employee and US academic brought to Chicago to face murder charges

    Oxford University employee and US academic brought to Chicago to face murder chargesTwo employees of elite universities charged in the fatal stabbing of a 26-year-old hair stylist were returned to Chicago early Saturday to face charges of first-degree murder in the brutal killing. Chicago police escorted fired Northwestern University professor Wyndham Lathem, 43, and Oxford University financial officer Andrew Warren, 56, from Northern California, where they surrendered peacefully on Aug. 4 after an eight-day, nationwide manhunt. Detectives were questioning the men Saturday. They could appear in court as early as Sunday. The men are accused of killing Trenton James Cornell-Duranleau, a Michigan native who had been living in Chicago, last month in Lathem's high-rise Chicago condo. Chicago police have said Cornell-Duranleau suffered more than 40 stab wounds, including "mutilations," to his upper body. Authorities say the attack was so violent the blade of the knife they believe was used was broken. They found Cornell-Duranleau's body July 27 after the building's front desk received an anonymous call that a crime had occurred on the 10th floor. He had been dead more than 12 hours. By then, authorities say Lathem and Warren had fled the city. According to autopsy results released Friday by the Cook County medical examiner's office, Cornell-Duranleau had methamphetamine in his system at the time of his death. Wyndham Lathem Credit: Chicago Police Department/PA Police say Lathem and Cornell-Duranleau, who moved to Chicago from the Grand Rapids, Michigan, area about a year ago, had a personal relationship, though they have not described the nature of it or a motive for the attack. It's unclear what the relationship was between Lathem, Cornell-Duranleau and Warren, who's British. He arrived in the U.S. three days before the killing, after being reported missing in Great Britain. Lathem, a microbiologist who's been on Northwestern's faculty since 2007 but was not teaching at the time of the attack, was terminated by the university for fleeing from police when there was an arrest warrant out for him. Investigators said the day after the crime was committed Lathem and Warren drove about 80 miles (128 kilometers) northwest of Chicago to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. One of the men made a $1,000 donation to a local library in Cornell-Duranleau's name. Lake Geneva authorities said the man making the donation didn't give his name. Trenton James Cornell-Duranleau Credit: Facebook At another point after the killing, Lathem sent a video to friends and relatives apologizing for his involvement in the crime, which he called the "biggest mistake of my life." The video raised concern among investigators that Lathem might kill himself. Lathem and Warren both appeared in court in California last week, where they agreed to return to Illinois to face charges. An attorney for Lathem, Kenneth H. Wine, called him a "gentle soul" and said "what he is accused of is totally contrary to the way he has lived his entire life." Wine said Lathem intends to plead not guilty to the charges. Warren was represented by a public defender during a brief appearance in a San Francisco court. She said he is "presumed innocent," but declined to comment further. 

  • Viral photo of Antifa member 'beating up police officer in Charlottesville' is fake

    Viral photo of Antifa member 'beating up police officer in Charlottesville' is fakeA widely-shared image that appears to show an anti-fascist protester beating a police officer has been revealed to be fake. The image, which shows a man in an “Antifascist Action” jacket beating a fallen police officer, was shared widely after a white supremacist rally in Virginia turned violent. People shared the photo as evidence that “many sides” were to blame for the violence, as President Donald Trump had suggested.

  • Muslims fear anti-Islam backlash in tolerant Barcelona

    Muslims fear anti-Islam backlash in tolerant BarcelonaPrayer time is approaching but Raja Miah, an imam at a tiny mosque in the heart of Barcelona does not expect a big turnout. Since the twin attacks in Barcelona and the nearby seaside resort of Cambrils claimed by the Islamic State group, the Muslim community in central Barcelona's neighbourhood of Raval fears an anti-Islam backlash. "People are very scared," said Miah, 23, as he sat in a small room at the mosque in Raval as a small group of children in an adjoining room studied the Koran.

  • German writer critical of Turkey's Erdogan arrested in Spain

    German writer critical of Turkey's Erdogan arrested in SpainBy Thomas Escritt BERLIN (Reuters) - German-Turkish author Dogan Akhanli was arrested in Spain on Saturday after Turkey issued an Interpol warrant for the writer, a critic of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's government, fanning an already fierce row between the NATO allies. The arrest of the German national in Granada was part of a "targeted hunt against critics of the Turkish government living abroad in Europe," Akhanli's lawyer Ilias Uyar told magazine Der Spiegel, which first reported Akhanli's detention. Any country can issue an Interpol "red notice", but extradition by Spain would only follow if Ankara could convince Spanish courts it had a real case against him.

  • Boston 'free speech' rally abandoned by right-wing demonstrators outnumbered by 15,000 counter-protesters

    Boston 'free speech' rally abandoned by right-wing demonstrators outnumbered by 15,000 counter-protestersAs the official start time of the contentious “Free Speech Rally” in Boston approached, the winner in the battle of words between organisers and counter-demonstrators had already been determined. If hateful speech aimed at Jewish people or minorities was chanted at Boston Common park, it was not audible at one of the largest rallies being held just one week after the deadly demonstrations in Charleston, Virginia, where neo-Nazis marched bearing torches, and where one woman was killed. Instead, an estimated 15,000 counter-protesters dominated the air with anti-Nazi and anti-fascist chants.

  • Boy With Heart Transplant Collapses and Dies on His First Day of School

    Boy With Heart Transplant Collapses and Dies on His First Day of School13-year-old Peyton West's family thought he would be healthy after he got his transplant in March.

  • The Clever Way High School Boys Protested Their School's Sexist Dress Code

    The Clever Way High School Boys Protested Their School's Sexist Dress CodeStudents from San Benito High School in Hollister, California, are protesting their school’s sexist dress code in a pretty awesome way.

  • Glitch Or Promo? Amazon Echo Dot Is Free Right Now

    Glitch Or Promo? Amazon Echo Dot Is Free Right NowThe Amazon Echo Dot is free on Amazon at checkout thanks to an apparently unlisted "Audible Promo" offer.

  • What's a total solar eclipse and why this one is so unusual

    What's a total solar eclipse and why this one is so unusualCAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Total solar eclipses occur every year or two or three, often in the middle of nowhere like the South Pacific or Antarctic. What makes Monday's eclipse so special is that it will cut diagonally across the entire United States.

  • Dashcam video shows white cop punching black man during stop

    Dashcam video shows white cop punching black man during stopCLEVELAND (AP) — A dashcam video of a traffic stop that led to a white police officer with a history of disciplinary issues repeatedly punching a black man and hitting his head on pavement appears to show a different sequence of events than police had originally described.

  • Steve Bannon declares 'Trump presidency is over' after being ousted as White House chief strategist

    Steve Bannon declares 'Trump presidency is over' after being ousted as White House chief strategistA defiant Steve Bannon declared the Trump presidency he had campaigned for was over as he vowed to carry on the fight after being ousted as the White House chief strategist. Within hours of leaving his office,  Mr Bannon was back at Breitbart, the right wing website he ran, presiding over the evening news conference.   In interviews he made it clear he was not going quietly as he rounded on those he held responsible for his departure. “The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over," he told the Weekly Standard, a right-wing newspaper   “We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency," he continued. "But that presidency is over. It’ll be something else. And there’ll be all kinds of fights, and there’ll be good days and bad days, but that presidency is over.”   He added: “I feel jacked up. Now I’ve got my hands back on my weapons,” he added as he vowed “Bannon the barbarian” would crush the opposition.   "There’s no doubt. I built a -----ng machine at Breitbart.  And now I’m about to go back, knowing what I know, and we’re about to rev that machine up. And rev it up we will do.” His loyalty to Donald Trump remained undimmed. “If there’s any confusion out there, let me clear it up: I’m leaving the White House and going to war for Trump against his opponents -- on Capitol Hill, in the media, and in corporate America,”  he told Bloomberg.   Earlier Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House press secretary said Mr Bannon, 63,  had departed “by mutual agreement.” The White House then issued a statement, saying that the decision was agreed by Mr Bannon and John Kelly, the chief of staff – a sign of Mr Kelly’s grappling to control the chaos, or perhaps simply to avoid Mr Trump having to put his name to the firing of the man who most connects him to his diehard supporters. Joel Pollack, Breitbart's  editor at large, tweeted a one-word response to Mr Bannon’s departure: “War”. #WAR— Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) August 18, 2017 Mr Bannon was controversial from the start. Combative and unapologetic, the former Goldman Sachs financier was employed by Mr Trump as his campaign manager in August 2016, and described at the time as “the most dangerous political operative in America”. He urged Mr Trump to pursue a populist path, and pressed him to hammer Hillary Clinton as corrupt - reportedly coming up with the “lock her up” chant that reverberated around his rallies. It was Mr Bannon, with fellow hardliner Stephen Miller, who wrote Mr Trump’s inauguration speech – a dark and foreboding depiction of the “American carnage” that Mr Trump believed he had been elected to stop. Trump's former chief strategist Steve Bannon - in 90 seconds 01:33 He was often at odds with the "globalist" wing of the White House - Jared Kushner, Mr Trump's son-in-law; his wife Ivanka Trump; H.R. McMaster, the head of the national security council; and Gary Cohn, director of the national economic council. Mr Bannon reportedly referred to them in private as “the New Yorkers” and “the Democrats”, among more printable nicknames, and tried to steer his boss away from them and towards his own nationalist sympathisers. At first the president thought fondly of his flame-throwing ideologue, who was seen to wield immense behind-the-scenes power inside the White House. Saturday Night Live depicted him as the grim reaper, playing Mr Trump like a puppet - something that reportedly amused Mr Bannon, but enraged his boss. His departure had been described as imminent before, but since Charlottesville the drum beat of demise rose to a frenzy. Steve Bannon at Trump Tower in November 2016 Mr Trump was reported earlier this week to have not spoken face-to-face with Mr Bannon in over a week, and on Tuesday, at the now infamous press conference in which he defended white supremacists, Mr Trump could only offer a lukewarm endorsement, responding to a question about Mr Bannon's future with: "We'll see." That press conference sparked condemnation of a president never before seen in the United States – the heads of the military spoke out against their commander-in-chief, and the UN secretary-general voiced concern. Titans of industry who Mr Trump had so assiduously courted on the campaign trail deserted him in droves, leading to the folding of both his business advisory panels. On Friday the arts council resigned en masse – the first White House agency to do so. Political condemnation was also snowballing, leading astonished Americans to ask where this could all end. Bob Corker, a senior Republican loyalist and chair of the Senate foreign relations committee, who was considered for secretary of state, declared that "the president has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to" in dealing with crises. And, while Mr Trump sought to shift Thursday from the white supremacists to the future of statues, he was criticised by Rupert Murdoch’s son James, in an email widely circulated. "I can't believe I have to write this: standing up to Nazis is essential; there are no good Nazis. Or Klansmen, or terrorists," he wrote. Rumblings of discontent from Mr Trump's staff grew so loud that the White House was forced to release a statement saying that Gary Cohn, Mr Trump's chief economic adviser, was not quitting. The Dow Jones suffered its worst day since May on Thursday, but rebounded slightly on the news that Mr Cohn, a former president of Goldman Sachs, was staying put. Mr Cohn will certainly not be crying over the departure of Mr Bannon. Mr Bannon perhaps sealed his own fate this week by telephoning a reporter with The American Prospect, a Left-wing publication, to contradict his boss - and suggest that he was deciding who was in and who was out in the state department. “There’s no military solution [to North Korea’s nuclear threats], forget it,” said Mr Bannon, directly undermining Mr Trump's vow to respond if attacked. Asked about his rivals at the departments of state, defence and treasury, who wanted to keep China on side by avoiding trade wars, Mr Bannon was unrepentant. “They’re wetting themselves,” he said. “I’m changing out people at East Asian Defense; I’m getting hawks in.” But Mr Bannon may not go quietly. One of the reasons Mr Trump was said to have delayed dismissing him was fear of “weaponising” Mr Bannon, if he was unleashed from the White House. A friend of Mr Bannon said he intended to return to Breitbart, adding: “This is now a Democrat White House”. Arnold Schwarzenegger has some advice for Donald Trump Arnold Schwarzenegger gives Trump a lesson racism 01:00   4:23AM Bannon 'in good spirits'  Quoting  a "friend",  the Wall Street Journal, said Mr Bannon seemed to be in good spirits, following his departure from the White House. “Steve has always been a gunslinger. This allows him to be a gunslinger again.” 3:29AM Trump 'ceding dangerous ground to the media and establishment' Kristin Tate, a conservative columnist, warns that Donald Trump has ceded dangerous ground to the establishment. "There is no compromise with the Never-Trumpers and Democrats over the role of chief strategist," she writes in The Hill, a political website. " Personnel is policy, and Trump is ceding his ace for a player to be named later. That’s not good enough for the people who made his movement happen. 2:22AM Bernie: The problem wasn't Bannon, it was Trump The problem was never just Steve Bannon. It was and always will be Donald Trump.— Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) August 18, 2017   2:21AM Steve Bannon 'said he resigned from White House two weeks ago' Steve Bannon just told me he resigned from the White House two weeks ago @POTUS#Bannon— Sara A. Carter (@SaraCarterDC) August 18, 2017   1:55AM CNN says 'Gorka could go'  Citing unnamed "sources", CNN is saying that Sebastian Gorka, Donald Trump's deputy assistant, could be the next to go. Born in the UK to Hungarian parents, British educated Mr Gorka, has also been a controversial figure in the White House. Sebastian Gorka  Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Seen as a hardliner, he was openly critical of Rex Tillerson, the secretary of state, when he suggested the US could negotiate with North Korea over nuclear weapons. But Mr Trump is reported to be a fan of Mr Gorka's combative style and his forthright defence of the administration in his media appearances. 1:15AM Another White House departure Steve Bannon is not the only senior figure leaving the White House, according to Politico. George Sifakis, director of the Office of Public Liaison since March, is reportedly on his way out. A close friend and ally of Reince Preibus, the former White House chief of staff,   Mr Sifakis was an aide to George W Bush. 8:51PM Nigel Farage says Bannon will be missed Very sorry to see my friend Steve Bannon go. His political brain will be hard to replace.— Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) August 18, 2017   8:22PM Bannon meets billionaire donor to plot next steps Axios, the authoritative Washington website, reports that Mr Bannon met with billionaire Republican donor Bob Mercer to plan their next moves. They write: Bob Mercer and Steve Bannon had a five hour meeting Wednesday to plot out next steps, said a source withknowledge of the meeting. They plotted strategy going forward — both political and media strategy. The meeting was at Mercer's estate on Long Island. Mercer had dinner the next night at Bedminster with President Trump and a small group of donors. The source said Mercer and Bannon "remain strong supporters of President Trump's and his agenda."   8:19PM Democrat leader responds Steve Bannon's exit does not erase @realDonaldTrump’s long record of lifting up racist viewpoints & advancing repulsive policies. #BannonOut— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) August 18, 2017   8:03PM Four down... This January 28 photo shows Donald Trump and his advisers inside the Oval Office. Of the six in the picture, only the president and vice president remain - Reince Priebus, Michael Flynn, Sean Spicer and Steve Bannon have all left.   7:48PM Breitbart's editor-at-large responds to Steve Bannon's ouster #WAR— Joel B. Pollak (@joelpollak) August 18, 2017  

  • Nearly 600 dead in S. Asia floods

    Nearly 600 dead in S. Asia floodsNearly 600 people have died and millions have been affected by monsoon floods in South Asia, officials said Saturday, as relief and rescue operations continued. Indian authorities sought military help in two districts of northern Uttar Pradesh state after fresh heavy rains left hundreds of villages marooned. "We have sought army's help to reach out to the affected people," T P Gupta, a senior official from the state's disaster management authority, told AFP.