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Present Progressive - Use

Exercise on changing situations

Right now (March 2003), British papers are suffering from a changing situation. They are losing readers to other media such as TV or internet.

Put the verbs into the correct form (present progressive). Use the long form as this is more typical for formal articles.

  1. Newspapers (to lose) readers.
  2. Even the Daily Mail (to lose) readers now for the first time in ten years.
  3. Young people (just not / to buy) newspapers the way their parents did.
  4. This generation (to grow up) with no particular brand loyalty to any newspaper.
  5. Young Britons (to get) their news either online, or from television or radio.
  6. Sensing the trend, advertisers (to shift) to other media to get their messages across.
  7. Some businesses, such as fashion, (to advertise / still) , but others are not.
  8. Now the Sun (to try) to recapture younger readers.
  9. The Mirror (to hunt / now) readers in the overcrowded middle ground.
  10. Some papers (to think) of launching new titles to survive in this contracting market.

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